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At the heart of our business is digital innovation for the creative and enterprise industries. As experts for new media, we develop software-based solutions to enhance your product position in the market. We believe that Mixed-Reality is the future for productivity and advertisement and are deeply invested in it.

Software Development

UI/UX Engineering


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What we offer

Augmented Reality Development

From Google Cardboard to Unity AR Foundation, we can create AR solutions for all platforms.

Virtual Reality

The Oculus range of Headsets are our foundation for everything VR, from VR-Training to ArchViz.

Image and Object Tracking

We use computer vision technology to facilitate interactive experiences from immersive packaging to events.

360° 3D Video

With our partners we produce 360° Videos, host them in the cloud and package in a custom app for your needs.

Enterprise Mixed-Reality

Headsets like HoloLens and nreal are the future for enterprise Mixed-Reality solutions and we are your experts in that field.

Spatial Cloud Computing

With cloud solutions like Azure Spatial Anchors we create interactive holograms like bots and instructions.

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